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rio de janeiro

Texto que preparei pra concorrer a uma viagem com acompanhante para a Antartica no valor de 20000 dólares.

I love my life, and enjoying every minute of it very much determines what I choose to do with my time. I also love to write, play my guitar and take photos of my beautiful home city, Rio de Janeiro. One thing that I have difficulty explaining is my passion about traveling. I feel I have this amazing real travel bug, constantly.  It’s possible that by having so many friends around the world has made me think that the only means to see them is by traveling. Maybe this is just an excuse to enjoy what I like to do. I don’t know. I just head off, never thinking twice, even with my obsessive fear of flying.  They’re great to watch flying, but I’m definitely a land or sea guy. That being said, it is the only way to cross oceans, even to go places that take 24 hours flying time, like trekking Colorado mountains where I can enjoy the sound of silence walking around the cold snow topped trees.

Rio de Janeiro, the place I choose to live, is a city between mountains packed with forests, and the blue warm waters of the Southern Atlantic. Hot in the winter and very hot in the summer, for me Rio is the most beautiful city in the world where nature meets downtown.  Leaving Rio is always difficult, as I often imagine my way to Antarctica when staring at the blue horizon while walking down our beach of Ipanema heading South. I never say goodbye to Rio, yet I don’t look back when I think about a trip as I know I will be back, smiling, listening Tom Jobim’s “Song of The Jet” – How my heart is singing, I see Rio de Janeiro, My lonely longing days are ending Rio, my love, there by the sea”, feeling the warm breeze when the airplane’s door is open.

(foto – gustavo leig)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Rio De Janeiro is the state capital of brazil. You can find beautiful churches and museums in the city. Don’t miss the Municipal Theatre, National Library and Passeio Publico – centuries old fine garden.The Parque Enrique Lage is a must visit, it is a public park having the statuette of the famous Cristo Renentor. For more details refer

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