Acompanhe o Keynote do Steve Jobs agora online no site

Os produtos já lançados: iTV que custará 299 dólares e o iPhone!!!!

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# Jobs discusses “smartphone” — uses graph to portray easy-of-use versus easy-of use. Make “huge” leap to make it very smart and very easy to use. Start with a revolutionary user interface (UI) that leverages hardware/software. The problem is the control portion/buttons/navigation which are fixed and cannot change as applications are changed and invented. Problem of evolving navigation solved with screen/mouse for computer. No buttons on Apple device. Touch sensitive screen using “multi-touch” (no stylus). Far more accurate than other touch display. Multi-finger gestures. Patented. [9:48 a]

# This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for 2.5 years. Every once in a while a product comes along to change the industry. Apple has been fortunate to introduce a few of these: the Mac in 1984; the iPod in 2001 (changed the way we listen to music and the entire industry). Apple will introduce 3 revolutionary products of this class. Wide-screen iPod with touch controls. The second is a mobile phone. The third is break-through internet communication device. All of those in a single device. Not separate devices, but a single device called iPhone. Apple reinvents the phone. [9:43 a]

# Apple TV will be priced at $299. Will ship in February. Orders available today. [9:40 a]

# Jobs invites Phil Schiller on stage to demo streaming functions of iTV. Uses remote to select new iTunes library on Apple TV. It requires authentication (using 5 digit number) on Mac. Users Select content from MacBook to stream it live to Apple TV. [9:38 a]

# Apple debuts iTv as “Apple TV” which can receive movies wireless to display movies on TV. WiFi networking. HDMI connector. Component cable. Up to 720p HD Vide. 40GB drive to store video. Three networking standards: g + b + n. Intel-based processor. Works with video, music, photos. Autosync content from one computer. Stream content from up to five computers. It will automatically sync most recent movies and be stored on the hard drive. Streaming will not store on Apple TV hard drive. Features a very simple Apple Remote. Can wirelessly surf trailers wireless connected to internet. Front-like interface allows live streaming from (show’s ‘The Good Shepard’ trailer) and Zoolander movie and Heroes TV show and various songs. [9:36 a] [tags]apple[/tags] [tags]macintosh[/tags] [tags]macworld[/tags] [tags]keynote[/tags] [tags]itv[/tags] [tags]iphone[/tags]